Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment will need to be provided for us to perform?

The most important item is a piano or keyboard—all other accommodations are negotiable. In outdoor or especially large venues, amplification equipment may also be necessary, though in most indoor settings the natural volume of the instruments should be enough to reach the audience.

How early will we typically arrive before a performance?

Typically, we will arrive between a half-hour and twenty minutes before a performance. However, we guarantee as a part of our services that we will arrive no later than fifteen minutes before we are scheduled to begin.

Do we attend rehearsals?

Generally, no. If a client would especially like for us to attend, though, we are willing to play at rehearsals for 50% of our usual Rates.

Do we need to meet with clients before an event?

We do not require our clients to meet with us face-to-face before an event. If you would like to meet with us before the performance, make sure to say so when you Contact us, and we will try to accommodate those wishes. At that time, if requested, we will be happy to perform selections from our listed repertoire.

Is it possible for us to play music that is not listed in the Music section?

Yes! If you have the sheet music for the work you would like to have played, then this can be easily accomplished. On the other hand, if you know the song only via recording, then it may take more work to produce a suitable version for your needs. We are willing to work with you to find solutions.

Can we provide assistance in picking out music?

Yes. We would be happy to suggest some traditional choices for prelude, processional, and recessional music, as well as for other occasions. If you would like background music for a reception, a list of suitable choices can easily be compiled from the pieces we have listed upon request.

How far before a performance must we be contacted?

It depends. If you wish for us to play pieces which are already listed in our Music section and we have no prior obligations, we can come tomorrow! If we are in a busy season and/or you have many specific requests that will require some preparation before the performance, then we may require more time. Of course, the further before an event that you contact us, the more likely we are to be available.

Do we play only for weddings?

Certainly not! We are happy to play for corporate events, social events, graduations—whatever types of events our clients wish for us to serve.

Are we willing to dress in colors matching those of a given event?

We come dressed in the industry standard for our service: in black formal-wear.

If you have any questions regarding Catalyst Duo's services that have not been answered, please feel free to Contact us.